500 PhD positions in science and engineering

500 PhD positions open in Science & Engineering in France in February 2016.

Every year the network of French doctoral schools REDOC SPI (Réseau d’Ecoles DOCtorales Sciences Pour l’Ingénieur) offers more than 500 PhD theses in the field of mechanical and electrical engineering, physics and chemistry. The theses have a financial support from the French ministry of higher education and the selected candidates sign a real working contract for three years to receive a salary of more than 1300€ per month. The recruitment is open to all the candidates that are able to justify a level of studies equivalent to the European Master 2 (five years after A-level)
The interested candidates are invited to visit the website of the network : http://www.redoc-spi.fr and, from February 2016, when most of the subjects of thesis are on line, to :

1) Click on « offres de thèse » (offer of thesis) on the homepage of the website (a table appears),
2) Click on any of the « sujets de thèses » (subjects of thesis) in the right-hand side column of the table and remind the acronym of the doctoral school, in the left-hand side column of the same line,
3) Read the subjects of thesis of their speciality and choose the most interesting,
4) Come back to the last table and look for information on the host laboratories by clicking on the acronym of the doctoral school as explained in § 2,
5) Once informed (and if interested!), follow the indications to contact the director of thesis.

Published on 05/02/2016

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