Connecting the Mont Saint Michel

Smartphone, computers, TV, cars...thousands of our daily lives objects are connected to the web, using meta data to make our lives easier.

But what if monuments could be connected? Imagine visiting the Mont Saint Michel, taking a picture of the walls and reprinting in 3D a shorter version of those as a souvenir? Or taking a selfie and sending it onto the walls of the fortress. Why not making your marriage proposal on the walls of one of France’s most famous monument?


A crazy idea? Not really. The project proposed by the Breton association Kavadenn (a Breton word meaning "Discovery") aims at making the Mont Saint Michel the biggest interconnected monument in the world.

Not only will visitors interact with the monument but the monument will interact with them using the metadata from their electronic devices. A unique way to link history, tourism and technology, this project could also be a fantastic display of the IT talent of Brittany and its companies.

Questions and ideas to transform the monument can be sent to the association using the following email address:

Published on 17/02/2015

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