Continuing professional development for French teachers - February 2017

Lifelong learning and training are key elements in the development of teaching practices and it’s essential for teachers to enhance their teaching methods and approaches.

The first 2017’s training session organised by the French Embassy for secondary school teachers will take place in Cork, Limerick, Galway, Dublin and Sligo from 20th to 24th February 2017.

This session will be animated by M. Pierre-Yves Roux, French education expert by the CIEP, and will deal with following theme :
"Principles and activities to develop and assess oral production skills".
This workshop will quickly brush up the theoretical notions about oral skills and will mainly focus on tools for the classroom.

Principes et activités pour développer et évaluer les compétences de production orale

  • Objectifs : cette intervention de propose d’identifier les conditions préalables à la prise de parole en langue étrangère, puis de répondre ensuite à la double question de l’enseignement de la production orale et de son évaluation, en dotant les participants de principes didactiques et d’outils pour la classe.
  • Programme prévisionnel :
    -  Auto-positionnement des participants
    -  L’oral et le CECRL
    -  Les conditions pour qu’un apprenant prenne la parole en classe
    -  Vers une typologie des activités de production orale
    -  L’identification des savoir-faire nécessaires
    -  Activités pour la classe
    -  La question de l’évaluation de la production orale
    -  Oral et pédagogie de l’erreur

Duration : 1 day

Admission Free for secondary school teachers of French.

Registration :

- Cork - Monday February 20th (9am-5pm) - in Cork Education Support Centre

- Limerick - Tuesday February 21st (9am-5pm) - in Limerick Education Centre

- Galway - Wednesday February 22nd (9am-5pm) - in Galway Education Centre

- Dublin - Thursday February 23rd (9am-5pm) - in Drumcondra Education Centre

- Sligo - Friday February 24th (9am-5pm) - in Sligo Education Centre

Questions and further information at linguistic[at]


Published on 11/01/2017

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