Franco-Irish discussion on same-sex marriage

The French Embassy in Ireland is pleased to welcome French Deputy Erwann Binet for a discussion on the new forms of family in Europe.

Mr Binet will participate in a discussion in Dublin City University on the topic “new forms of family in Europe" on Thursday April 24 @ 12.00.

Deputy Binet defended the same-sex marriage bill in the French National Assembly in Spring 2013. During this debate with Dr Tom Hickey, professor of public law and philosophy, Mr Binet will reassert the commitment of French President François Hollande to open marriage and commitment to same-sex couples. He will also remind the audience of the evolution of the institution of marriage since the French Revolution and the necessity to bring a legal answer to society changes.

Mr Binet will remind the audience of the work carried out by the National Assembly and the Senate as well as the main changes brought by Parliament to this social issue.

A second debate will be organized in NUI Galway on Friday April 25 @ 12.00 with Dr Eoin Daly, law and religion specialist.

The debate will take place in room CG12, Henry Grattan Building, School of Law and Government in DCU and in room AM150 of the School of Law in NUI Galway.

Should you need any additional information, please contact:

For DCU: Jane Suiter @

For NUIG, Eoin Daly @



Published on 23/04/2014

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