Raphaël Dallaporta - Observations

The Irish Times just dedicated a long article to the exhibition Observations from French photographer Raphaël Dallaporta.

Currently in the Gallery of Photography in Temple Bar, the exhibition illustrates the photographer’s interest for topics linked to violence, power and the frailness of life.

For his first exhibition in Ireland, Raphaël Dallaporta chose to present a serie of 4 episodes denouncing human violence. Fragile, Anti-personnel, Ruins and Domestic Slavery will shock a spectator who sees represented the depredations of life, of landmines photographed as if they were cinema stars or even closed walls, the prisons of modern slaves…

The artistic representations of these topics seduce, provoke and worry a spectator led to think about the appeal of these images of human violence. A must-see exhibition!

Fragile, Anti-personnel, Ruins and Domestic Slavery constitute the 4 episodes of the exhibition Observations presented in the Gallery of Photography until May 15.


Published on 17/04/2014

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