Setting up European or International Scientific Networks (MRSEI)

In the framework of its 2016 Work Programme, the French National Research Agency (ANR) proposes a dedicated instrument for "Setting up European or International Scientific Networks" (MRSEI). Its aim is to give French researchers easier access to European programmes (H2020) and other international calls as well as to encourage the formation and coordination of transnational networks.

JPEG Funding will be provided across all disciplines for research networks specifically intended for the preparation and submitting of a collaborative project in response to a large-scale European or international call for proposals with major scientific, technological or societal impacts.

Projects selected will receive €30,000 in funding over an 18-month period. The ANR grant is purely intended to fund the operating costs of the project; the call is not designed to offer funding for the research itself.

This instrument has been designed to be flexible and effective, facilitating swift decision-making and fast deployment of funds:

a simplified application file;
a single beneficiary: the French research organisation, which acts as principal investigator, will receive the funding on behalf of the entire consortium;
peer selection carried out by a single ad hoc evaluation panel, without the need to consult external peer reviewers.

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Published on 22/04/2016

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