Workshop on Magnetism and Electronic Structure

H.E. Ambassador of France to Ireland, Jean-Pierre Thébault attended the opening of the Franco-Irish International Workshop on Magnetism and Electronic Structure organised by University College Dublin last Monday.

Organised by Dr. Grace Morgan in the brand new building ‘UCD O’Brien Centre for Science’, the workshop gathered together about thirty researchers, ten of which came from France for the occasion, and was a chance to show the links that exist between Ireland and France concerning scientific research.

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Inaugural Speech by H.E. in the presence of Dr Maurice Manning

In his speech introducing the seminar, Dr Maurice Manning, Chancellor of the Universities of Ireland, reminded us of the close collaboration that already exists between the two countries, in particular the travel grant scheme for Ulysses researchers and the role of the Campus France agency. He also recognised France’s long and distinguished research record in physics and quantum physics, notably the award of the 2007 and 2012 Nobel prize in Physics awarded to Mr Albert Fert and Mr Serge Haroche respectively.

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An example of levitation rendered possible by new magnetic materials

The Ulysses bilateral programme has allowed for further scientific collaboration resulting in a joint UCD-Bordeaux PhD programme for Anthony Fitzpatrick who is now directly funded by the French Embassy in Dublin, in tandem with the National University of Ireland for his magnetism research. H.E. Mr Jean-Pierre Thébault has highlighted the willingness of France to promote the Franco-Irish scientific partnerships at a high-level which could lead to breakthrough innovations, which will eventually be of benefit to our companies. It was recalled that the potential applications cover domains as varied as the storage of data on hard disks, designing new materials for innovative sensors or even applications used at the heart of tablets and smartphones.

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Published on 23/05/2014

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